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Seasonal Flower Nursery OPENS Friday April 17

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Jan spends several days a year attending plant trials and seminars to see the new releases of plants and brings back the MUST HAVE. Come out to the Nursery and ask to see the NEW plants!

Listed below are just a few.

Calibrachoa Superbells Cherry Star
Calibrachoa Superbells Coralberry
Cascadia Rim Violet
Cascadia Bi-Color Cabernet

MUST SEE! A real show stopper~
Proven Winners Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso.

Proven Winners Superbells Blackberry Punch a beautiful petunia that mixes in beautifully in our baskets with other plum and burgundy flowers.
Piccadilly Pink Diascia a prolific BLOOMER

Also, NEW A-MA-ZING COLOR COMBINATIONS for our 12" & 16 " Baskets.


Looking forward to seeing you

What's New

  • Calibrachoa Pouch $26.99

Wave Petunia Pouch

Newly Released Colors Also Available.
Wave Petunias available in a 4" pot for $1.25.
While supplies last!
We don't hold or save. Add a watering device for $2.00

Calibrachoa Superbells
Cherry Star

Calibrachoa Superbells

Cascadia Bi-Color

Cascadia Rim

"12' mixed flower baskets "

Displayed in metal frames, sold separately

Mixed Baskets

Mixed flow Basket

Mixed flow Basket

Schmidt Farms Schmidt flowers McMinnville Oregon flower Baskets Potted Flower Baskets
Schmidt Farms Schmidt Farms Schmidt Farms

Calibrachoa Pouch $26.99

wave pouch wave pouch wave pouch
Wave Pouch Wave Pouch Wave Pouch
Impatiens in greenhouse
Impatiens in greenhouse.
Examples of Impatiens Colors

Window Boxes: $34.99

Flower Sale
Sun: Petunias, bacopas and verbenas

Schmidt Farm & Nursery yard

The pictures of Schmidt Farm front yard are
examples of the use of Wave petunias in....

  • pots
  • window boxes
  • flower pouch
  • baskets
  • planted in the ground as a ground cover

Front Yard

Lavender Lilac

Purple wave. The wave tree is 30+ gallon pots of wave petunias in a metal hoop frame. N.F.S

Eight pouches hung back to back.

Window Box

Four pouches hung back to back and two bacopa baskets.


Basket on a Bench

Planter Boxes

Customer Corner

Schmidt Farms window box

Wave Petunia's

Flowers in McMinnville

Customer Dorothy's Wave Petunia's in window boxes

Customers Chris and Tom ~16" Basket

Buy local flowers

alf's Restaurant
Wave petunia pouch at Alf's

On the Way Cafe

Three Pouches

Ed and Judy

Looks like a large basket, but it is actually three pouches hung together.



For care of the flowers click here.

Schmidt Farm

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